Frequently Asked Questions

How are IOBrick boards controlled?

Boards can be controlled through USB using a control board such as the the USB Control Board or the Multi-Purpose Relay board which have a USB interface and can have other boards connected to them.

What interface can the boards be controlled with?

Currently IOBrick boards can only be controlled with a compatible control board through the USB Interface.

How many boards can i string together to a main control board?

Each board has a set of switches to set the board address if you end up using multiple of the same boards together in same string and have independent control of each board. The High Power relay board has 2 switches and supports up to 4 boards in one string and the Digi-Selector board has 3 switches which allows you to string up to 8 of them together. Ex: you can have a USB Control board and string a maximum of: 4 High Power boards + 8 Selector boards.

Can the boards be controlled via Ethernet?

No, we do not currently have a an Ethernet control board available but do have them in development so check back with us later.

Can i connect multiple USB control boards to my PC?

Yes, you can connect multiple of the same or different Roltic USB control boards an have independent control of all of them. Windows assigns a unique COM port to every board connected so you can control an unlimited amount of them.

How do i send commands to the board?

You can use any serial terminal program. One example is Tera Term which is excellent serial terminal which we recommend and is free and easy to use. You can download it here: Tera Term Website.

Can i control the boards using Command Prompt without a serial terminal?

Yes, we simple executable you can call inside of command prompt window which sets up the COM port automatically and allows you to send commands that way. This way you don’t need to install a serial terminal. This module is currently in development and will be posted once it is completed.


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