Custom Electronic Design Services

What we Offer

In addition to the off-the-shelf products we offer, Roltic is also offers its design services for customization of these products or our engineering services for designing your product ideas.

Customization Services

See any of our products that you like but don’t fit your exact requirements? We offer customization services for the products we offer. We can modify the designs to meet your needs and manufacture them as needed. Contact us to see what we can do to get the boards to meet you applications and to get more information.

Engineering Design Serices

With our engineering team we also offer our engineering services and expertise for bringing your design to reality. Either being a product you are planning to bring to market or designing tools or fixturing for internal use.

With any of the design services the process will include:

  • Meet to understand all your requirements
  • Design proposal
  • Schematic and layout design
  • Mechanical design
  • Firmware & Software Development
  • Prototyping
  • Validation and testing
  • Build and provide a working sample prototype
  • Once all your requirements are met, moving forward with fabrication
  • Bring design to production

Have a project you want to talk about? You can reach out to use at


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