Simple Plug & Play Automation Control

IOBrick setup

Modular System

IOBrick module boards are designed to be connected together to depending on which board is needed for solve a specific control requirement, no more, no less.

IOBrick Modules:

  • Controller Board
  • Main Relay Board
  • High Power Relay Board
  • Digital Selector Board (Multiplexer Board)
  • Digital Potentiometer Board (coming soon)
  • Light Color Detector Board (coming soon)
  • More in development…

Roltic IOBrick features

Simple Control Commands

IOBrick control board software is specifically designed to be simple to use with various command types to allow the automation designer to reduce the completion time and focus their efforts on other optimization tasks.

Different Command Types:

Select Relay Control:

– HPR1 +2,+3,+4,-7

Control all relays with a single Hex value:

– HPR1 4A

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